5 Questions to Ask Your Body Shop After a Collision

An auto collision is a stressful, traumatic experience. If you’ve experienced a difficult event and need to have your car repaired, ask these five questions before choosing an auto collision repair shop. From minor fender benders to a serious collision, discover why Brock’s Collision Centers is a leading auto shop in Louisiana. Reduce the stress of finding a quality collision repair service provider today.

1. How Long Will Repairs Take?

All you want is to put the event behind you and enjoy your beautiful vehicle once more. Unfortunately, repairs take time. Don’t be fooled by an auto shop that offers full body and paintwork in just a few days. These auto shops are either being dishonest or plan on cutting corners in the repair process to hit their promised goal.

Quality repairs take time. While the exact process varies considerably based on the type of collision and extent of damage, you should expect at least a week for your car to be ready to roll. Serious repairs average 10 days or longer. Use our process flow chart to help track the process of your repairs. Ask one of our agents about the status of your vehicle as it progresses. When you bring your vehicle in or ask for a tow service, we can provide you with a personalized time estimate based on the current condition of your ride.

Once we’re finished, your vehicle will have gone through our comprehensive collision repair service. This includes everything from frame and front-end repairs to bodywork and professional painting. This level of service takes time, but it’s well worth the wait.

2. Can I Have a Loaner Vehicle?

One of the biggest concerns about the length of repairs is the time away from your vehicle. If you only have one vehicle, or if your favorite commuter was involved in the collision, you’ll need a loaner vehicle to get to work and enjoy time away from home.

At Brock’s Collision Centers, we are happy to help connect you with a loaner vehicle. Find a rental car while we’re restoring your ride. Find a vehicle to match your current one or a dream ride you’ve always wanted to take to work. Mention Brock’s Collision Centers, and you can enjoy discount pricing on a rental.

Renting a vehicle for a week or more while we repair your car can be surprisingly affordable. With our shop special pricing, you won’t have to go without a vehicle or downgrade to a commuter that isn’t as comfortable, classy, or efficient as your current ride. If you’re looking for a treat to help overcome the stress of a collision, upgrade to a loaner car that boasts the latest technology and a killer look.

3. What Does a Repair Service Include?

Don’t trust that every collision center or body shop offers the same level of care. Some repair shops work primarily with your engine, front end, and frame, then slap on a mismatched body panel and call it a day. Others don’t provide the same thorough color-matching, body-repairing services of our team.

Choose Brock’s Collision Centers to enjoy leading repairs in Shreveport and the surrounding area. We use Car-O-Liner, which is an industry-leading repair system for vehicles involved in collisions. We inspect and make necessary repairs to your frame and front end equipment to keep you driving safely down the road.

Next, we replace or repair any affected body panels. These services help keep you safe during your drive and restore the beautiful curves and lines of your car. Finally, modern downdraft painting offers a like-new paint job. We use multiple layers of automotive paint and sealant to match your existing paint job.

4. Can I Wash My Car?

After you get your car back from the shop, all you want to do is restore your daily routine. Part of this routine may be washing and waxing your vehicle. Be sure to ask about the best time to start these tasks again. While the paint on your ride may be dry enough to travel down the road, it might not be ready for touch-free or friction washing.

Touch-free washing is a common method used by car washes around the country. Washing in one of these facilities uses detergents, chemicals, and presoaks that may be harsh on your paint. If the topcoat of your paint isn’t fully dried, it could leave lasting marks and stains.

Friction brushing uses cloth or foam brushes to scrub the surface of your vehicle. This auto-wash method doesn’t need as many harsh chemicals, but can still be rough for a newly applied coat of paint.

If you’re planning on running your vehicle through either type of car wash facility, or if you’re planning on scrubbing and polishing it yourself, ask our technicians at Brock’s Collision Centers first. You may want to wait a few hours or days before the sealant is fully cured and ready to be cleaned again. We thoroughly clean your car, so as long as you avoid mud pits and dusty roads, you shouldn’t need to go through a car wash immediately after our services.

5. Why Choose Your Body Shop?

One of the most important questions to ask your auto body shop is what makes them stand out. At Brock’s Collision Centers, this means these benefits:

  • 40-plus years of outstanding customer service
  • 24-hour towing
  • Loaner car discounts
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Accurate estimates and inspections

We take pride in offering industry-leading services right here in Shreveport, Bossier City, and throughout Louisiana. We’re not just a team of qualified technicians, but we also have the insurance claims, customer service, and other experience necessary for a truly convenient experience.

Don’t let the trauma of a collision keep you from enjoying reliable, affordable, and thorough auto body services. Contact us today to request a quote and find out if your insurance provider will cover part or all of your collision repair services. We’ll work with you to keep making your daily commute and continue enjoying your favorite ride for years to come. Keep moving forward with our reliable services and honest rates.

Featured Image: Shutterstock / Nata Fuangkaew