Fender Bender Repair

Fender Bender Repair Service in Shreveport

Don’t let a minor scratch or major crack affect the value of your vehicle. After a fender bender, be sure to stop by one of our three Brock’s Collision Centers for an affordable estimate and full-service repair. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a premier fender repair shop with over 40 years of experience. Don’t let a damaged fender compromise the safety or beauty of your car.

Common Causes of a Fender Bender

While a collision can cause many instances of fender damage, that’s not always the case. Your fenders are designed to be the first point of front or rear impact so that they can take a lot of damage from daily incidents. Here are common causes of damage that require fender bender repairs:

  • Stones and other flying debris
  • Hail
  • Shopping carts
  • Door impacts
  • Backing-up bumps

These are just the most common causes of fender damage. We work with any type of damage to restore your vehicle. No scratch is too small or damage too significant for us to turn you away. Maintain your vehicle to keep it looking great and driving safely.

Types of Repairs

Most cases of fender damage only affect the paint. This still requires professional repairs by our qualified team of auto painters. A quick sanding and a few layers of paint later, and you won’t even notice the issue.

More moderate fender damage causes dents, cracks, or completely broken fenders. These require dent removal, patching, or complete fender replacement. Care needs to be taken when working with dents and cracks, or the fender may become more damaged. At Brock’s Collision Centers, we offer a range of services to fully restore your vehicle after a fender bender.

Severe damage requires our auto body repair services. If you’ve been in a head-on collision or experienced other significant damage to your vehicle, we can repair, replace, and repaint other body panels. Even major auto body damage can be fully restored with our innovative services and experienced technicians.

Our Process

From 24-hour towing to the final seal coat of paint, turn to our team for full-service fender bender repair. We can service all makes and models of vehicles to ensure your fender looks as beautiful and flawless as the day your car rolled off the lot. Learn more about our dependable process to see how you can repair your vehicle and get back on the road with a safe, restored fender.

We start with a thorough inspection and cost estimate. This helps us offer the best repair process at the best price. Our team is experienced with all makes and models of vehicles and can provide every step from complete fender replacement to painting and scratch repairs.

Fenders aren’t just for looks. These durable components are used to protect your headlights, tires, and engine compartment. A repaired fender can withstand greater impact than one that’s already dented, crumpled, or cracked.

We use only the highest quality paint and fender components. Consider whether you want to replace your damaged fender with OEM parts and paint or fresh, new paint color. We can repaint your entire car vehicle for a new look or flawlessly match your damaged fender paint with the existing paint job.

Contact Brock’s Today

Don’t settle for anything less than the best fender repair service at the best price. Contact us today at Brock’s Collision Centers to schedule an inspection and receive a competitive estimate. Our team offers the auto body and paint repair services you need to keep your vehicle driving safely and looking great. Receive minor, moderate, and major repair services today at one of our convenient locations.

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