6 Factors in Choosing a Shreveport Body Shop

When you have a ding, a scratch, or a faded paint job, it’s time to stop by your local body repair shop. If you’re not sure how to find the best shop in your area, use these six factors to compare collision centers and auto body service providers near you. In Shreveport, Brock’s Collision Center meets all six factors for a professional, reliable service.

1. Quality Customer Service

Customer service is essential for a hassle-free repair or an upgrade project. After a collision, work with someone who is patient, friendly and able to get you the quick repairs you need. Customer service isn’t just about a smile and a friendly conversation. Work with an agent who doesn’t try to sell you more than you want but offers all the additional services that you may need to keep your car safe and enjoy a professional paint and bodywork job.

2. No Hidden Fees

Don’t agree to any service without receiving an estimate. A reliable body shop will give you a clear estimate in writing. Once you agree to an estimate, you shouldn’t have to pay more without warning.

There’s a reason it’s called an estimate. Even professional auto shops don’t know the exact amount of time and parts needed to restore every single paint or bodywork issue. Overall, work with your body shop to be sure you don’t have any surprises, but they can put in the time and products needed to restore your vehicle.

3. Strong Customer Testimonials

Customers talk, and a good word from a customer is worth far more than anything the shop has to say for itself. Take online reviews with a grain of salt, especially if they are contradicting, but ask other auto enthusiasts in your area if they have any experience working with local body shops.

4. Independent Shop

A chain shop may fix your ride, but they may also cut corners and skip steps to quickly get your car out the door. Work with a local, independently owned paint body shop for reliable results. It’s easy to talk to the owner or manager of an independent shop, while it may be complicated to speak to someone in charge of a chain shop.

5. Reliable Bodywork

A collision can cause a massive amount of damage. A quick coat of paint or a single replacement panel just won’t cut it, so work with a shop that offers you full-service bodywork. Choose a local, independent shop that goes the extra mile and fully restores your vehicle.

6. Dynamic Services

Faded paint, scratches or a major collision all require multiple talented experts. From engine work to body work and paint work, choose a shop that has all the dedicated specialists you need for full-service repairs. Ask about your local shop’s range of services to be sure they can handle everything that needs to be restored on your vehicle.

A collision doesn’t wait until you have enough in your bank account to handle it. For emergency repairs, rely on generous financing and specials to save you money as you ask for the required services to get your vehicle back on the road.

Choose Brock’s Collision Center in Shreveport

As the leading paint and body shop in Shreveport, Brock’s Collision Center offers a wide range of services, accurate estimates, reliable technicians, and excellent customer service. Contact us today to discover how you can enjoy full-service support. From 24-hour towing and back-up transportation to detailed bodywork, paint, and generous financing, we offer everything you need to give your car a new life.

Photo Credit: Minera Studio/shutterstock