5 Reasons You Need a Paint Job

Whether you’re just experienced a collision in your car or you scratched the paint in the parking lot, there are many reasons to consider a new paint job for your car. As you consider visiting your local auto paint shop, check out these top five reasons to invest in a new paint job for your ride. Improve your car’s value, prevent rust, and enjoy other benefits by scheduling your professional auto paint service today.

1. Increase Your Car’s Value

Did you know that your paint color can actually affect the resale value of your ride? While you may be proud of your vibrant purple, orange or pink vehicle, you may be limiting your pool of interested buyers. Instead, have a professional repaint your vehicle with a classic color, like silver, black, white or red, to improve its value.

Consider the make and model of your vehicle before you select a paint color. Look for common colors for your particular vehicle, as many types of cars have their own stock colors. White, black, and silver are the most common colors for a pickup truck, but orange, green and yellow can be popular colors on a Jeep.

2. Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Automotive rust is a serious issue, particularly if your car is exposed to excessive moisture. If you live in a humid environment or experience heavy rains and snowfall, your vehicle may already be rusting. Professional auto painting services can prevent rust on your vehicle. Don’t let tiny scratches or unsealed portions of your car create opportunities for rust and corrosion to eat away at your favorite vehicle.

3. Choose a New Look

Tired of the same old look on your vehicle? If you need to freshen up your car, consider a classy custom paint job. Choose a unique color to stand out on the road, or swap your color for another traditional option. It’ll feel like a brand-new car, without the expense.

Be cautious about the look you choose. If you’re considering a bright, bold option, remember that it can affect your resale value. Cruising the streets with a neon-colored car may be a memorable experience, but you’ll need to repaint your ride again before selling it for its maximum value.

4. Refresh Your Paint Job

As vehicles age, paint can fade, chip, scratch, and otherwise decrease in quality and appearance. When you invest in a professional paint and body service, you’ll refresh your ride and keep it looking brand new. Washing and waxing only go so far, so if your ride is looking a bit lackluster, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.

Even if your car’s paint job isn’t scratched or causing rust to form, fading still occurs over time. Direct exposure to UV rays reduces the appearance of your car’s paint and leaves it looking dated and poorly maintained. A professional paint job helps you maintain your vehicle for years to come.

5. Restore a Classic

A classic car deserves a professional paint job. After putting in all the work of tuning up your engine and restoring your ride, don’t settle for an amateur paint job. Some classic cars use paint that’s no longer being used. Work with a professional auto paint company that can help you match the iconic look of your classic car and restore it to its former glory.

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Image Credit: bogdanhoda/shutterstock